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Coaching HiiT - Create a Breakthrough in a Single Session
Coaching HiiT - Create a Breakthrough in a Single Session

Do you have an uncomfortable and challenging emotion showing up repeatedly for you, which you want to change, or do you have a persistent limiting belief, which is getting in the way of your progress and you want to transform it? Then this session is great for you. It’s a relatively creative and playful format, and while it’s powerful and profound, it’s not too heavy.

The session incorporates transformational techniques rooted in  NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) where we empower you to positively re-imagine a scene from your past, which was the source of your limited or fearful thinking, and uncover and install the resources required to recreate a different and more beneficial outcome.

The process is enhanced by methods developed by the Neuroencoding Institute, which make it more effective and help create lasting change.

I call it High-intensity inner Transformation because it works as a stand-alone session. Ideal if you are busy and you want a rapid result.

The session can also be used as a foundational session for a five week programme, where we build upon the insights gained, or we can create a longer coaching programme for you.

Beneficial on its own, and a great place to start.

A powerful but light session. Absolutely great! Janie
I can recommend Ali wholeheartedly. I count my blessings that she came into my life at the right time! Sarah.
Ali is very warm and I felt totally at ease with her. I'd 100% recommend Ali and her teaching as it's so insightful. Melissa


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