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Unleash Your Genius

Unleash Your Genius. A new course from CreatiiveLife Coaching.

Photography Credit: Jac Depczyk. We were in Paris. ♥

Unleash Your Genius - a course by Creatiive Life Coaching

Photography Credit: Jac Depczyk. We were in Paris. ♥

If you’re struggling with feelings of not being enough, feeling fake, feeling unseen and unheard — if you feel alone and unsupported — if you attack yourself with self-doubt or self-loathing — or if you find you’re procrastinating, undermining and sabotaging your own efforts — if there’s something stopping you and holding you back and you’re ready to break through — this course is for you.

We’re focusing on self-worth, unleashing our unique gifts and talents and developing authentic confidence.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a strong sense of yourself, you’ll value yourself more richly, and you’ll exude natural confidence.

I lived with a vicious inner critic for years, despite great outward achievements in my life and I learned if we don’t have the foundation of self-worth, whatever we build on top will feel fake and we’re likely to end up sabotaging our efforts — low self-worth can affect our health, our finances, our relationships, our impact in the world — but we can turn it around so we default to the position that’s most resourceful for us — we can be our most magnificent.

This course is all about you. How you want to show up. You’ll have the ability and wisdom to choose the parts of you and the skills and talents that you wish to develop and to release and transform that which no longer serves you.

Unleash Your Genius has been 20 years in the making and I’m really proud to be able to bring this to you. I’m combining the power of Neuroencoding techniques rooted in neuroscience with Tony Robbins’ coaching strategies, creative thinking, my own insights, and a lot of Love.

If you feel called, I would love you to join us. Places are limited as I’m teaching this course to a small, select group of wonderful people like you, who will support each other on this journey. This is a beta course and your feedback will be part of the course going forward. It’s exciting! And because it’s a beta course I’m doing it for a ridiculously cheap price!

Message me to find out more information and to register.

Dare to say Yes to your most magnificent self!

With Love, Ali.

This course is now full. Please message me to find out more information and to join the waitlist...

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